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Thrive makes baking gluten-free easy, nutritious and delicious.


What People are saying about Thrive

"…the mix – it really is the best one I've tried.  No need to mix 12 different flours/starches, no need to change the recipe and it tastes fantastic.  That's the holy grail for gluten free products." –S. MPLS


"Love this stuff and so do my infants! Best GF mix ever! " — M.B.  Milwaukee

"Thrive, I love your GF All-Purpose Baking Mix." –Bev  from Twin Cities

"Love your product and have recommended it to lots of relatives, they agree." -JF from Twin Cities

The Story Behind Thrive

Thrive baking mix was created by Jenn Geisheker, a native of Milwaukee who grew up among generations of great cooks. As a college student living on her own, cooking came easy and she loved it!  So much so, that she put traditional college on hold to follow her dream of attending culinary school.
While gaining valuable experience in the culinary world she continued her education by pursuing a degree in Health and Exercise Science plus Health Promotion and Nutrition
When pursuing health promotion it became clear there was a need for more nutritious options amoung the gluten-free products that were available. The products also needed to perform and taste better! After testing many different varieties and combinations of flours Thrive All-Purpose Baking Mix was created. 
Jenn settled in the Twin Cities six years ago and has been part of the food community since day one. In 2010 Roving Dish was born and Jenn began selling gluten-free fritters and pancakes (made with Thrive) using local fresh ingredients at the NE MPLS farmer's market.  In 2011 Roving Dish was still at the farmer's market but was now selling Thrive All-Purpose Baking Mix in canisters and various baked goods made with Thrive. In 2012 the focus shifted away from Roving Dish and towards growing the number of stores carrying Thrive. The expansion includes offering fresh baked waffle cones to local shops.
Thrive baking mix has allowed Jenn to combine her passion for creating delicious food and promoting healthy living for others. Jenn and the Thrive team are committed to whole foods, supporting local producers, and empowering people with the tools, knowledge and skills they need to THRIVE.

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